Slow down, brother!

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Douwe Bob Slow DownSlow down, brother!

Douwe Bob’s song “Slow down” is the Dutch entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. His amazing performance during the semi finals provided the inspiration for this week’s blogpost. Douwe Bob wanted to make a clear statement in this fast paced world we all live in. Not being totally impartial, I believe Douwe Bob sends out a great message to slow down. But even more importantly also puts this into action himself.

Dare to be silent like Douwe Bob

In the mids of all the often very bombastic performances at the Eurovision Song Contest — including pyrotechnics, projections and outrageous costumes — Douwe Bob dared to be silent during 10 seconds in the midst of his song. Not making a sound as a deliberate statement. Like a plea to us all to take a moment for reflection. Thinking transferable: do you dare to do the same? Are you regularly taking time to catch your breath? Can you be silent to make your point?

Live by your own words

In the days before his performance, the Dutch artist clearly lived by hi
s own advice. Douwe Bob deliberately took things slow, relaxed and ensured he also had fun. Between promoting his entry for The Netherlands, he took on horseback riding and explored the beautiful city of Stockholm. Besides working hard, it is also important to play and relax hard. You need to take time to recharge your own battery.

Stay extremely focussed

In preparation to his performance during the semi finals, Douwe Bob remained highly focussed. He didn’t party and ensured he got enough sleep. All to make sure he could give his best performance on Tuesday night. In order to get what you want, you need to remain highly focussed and put in the required work. But remember to also slow down, brother!


Update: Douwe Bob ended up in the finals just outside of the Top 10, with another remarkable performance. #TeamDouwe scored for The Netherlands a noteworthy eleventh position the Eurovision Song Contest. The last time Holland won was in 1975. Better luck next year. Until then, may the words of Douwe Bob be an inspiration to us all…



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