Done is better than Perfect

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Done is better than perfect

Done is Better than Perfect

Planning is important, but the magic is in the doing. Only in execution you will get results. Then you are able to get feedback. Real feedback. All your assumptions turn into reality. Or maybe not — which means you can alter your strategy to make things work. Based on actual figures and experience.

Good Enough = Good Enough

Get your content out there. Launch your product. Don’t wait until all is perfect. “Good enough” is not a dirty word. You must ask yourself what good enough means — for your audience. When you operate in the digital field this is a bit more easy. You can easily update and make changes to your website. In all cases by doing you get more experience. And you see the real elements that need improvement.

Fight your Dragons

You mind can come up with the most amazing horror scenario’s of what could happen to you. Fear can paralyse you. Don’t fall into that trap. Think what realistically could be the very worst that could happen. Is it really that bad? if so, can you come up with countermeasures? Otherwise: just do it!

Plan for Action

This is not a plea for doing without thinking. You need to get your mind round a clear strategy. But in many cases people tend to stay too long in the planning phase. Which leaves little room for the actual execution. I have written about the concept of Liquid Planning some months ago — in my very first blogpost — when I just started my business. And I still apply this today.

Done is better then Perfect

In the end Done is better than Perfect. Consumers don’t buy plans. Customers want you to solve their problems. Make it happen. And ask for feedback for continuous improvement.  Come on. Just do it!

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