Do you buy the story you are telling?

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Story Telling withMartijnDo you buy the story you’re telling?

Marketing is all about story telling. It’s not just about what you do and deliver, but just as much about the story you are telling on what you do and how you deliver this. On why you set out to do so in the first place. And for which audience. What do these people think about the stories you or your company are telling? One of the most important questions to ask yourself if whether you would buy your own story.

Falsehoods will surely backfire on you

In marketing you can’t get away with lies. You never could. The stories you as marketer or business owner tell are promises you need to keep at some point in time. You need to be able to deliver. If you or your company, brand or service can’t live up to the expectations you’ve created both you and your company won’t be able to make it in the long run.

Your audience always has the final say

The teller sells, but the lister determines whether they buy into the story. This could be as literal as making a purchase decision. Or believing what you are saying is true and of value to them. If your audience doesn’t respond, this means you are not selling them your story in the right way. Always operate from the notation that you didn’t explain it properly, instead of claiming that “they” don’t understand you.

Be your own consumer occasionally

When was the last time you used your own service? When did you buy into the story around your own product? Put yourself in the shoes of your consumers and be an actual client of your own company. Observe what you experience. Listen to the stories you’re being told. What works well and can you or your company do more of? What can be improved? Is it worth your time and money? Are you telling stories people buy into?

Sharing from my own experience…

As a creative consultant I facilitate brainstorm sessions for my clients to help come up with new ideas for products, services or marketing campaigns. Last week, I took a masterclass in Creative Facilitation; taking on my own advice. It was fun to meet-up with fellow facilitators and share our stories. And — as a participant — experiment with different techniques to come up with new ideas. Besides getting some great inspiration, for me one of the most valuable outtakes was experiencing as a “user” the need for my own services. Allowing me to better adopt my offer and tell the right story to my clients.


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