Do what you love

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Do what you love withMartijn

Do what you love

It might sound like a banality. But that is what makes a cliché such an open door. I strongly believe you should do more of what you love. This way you get more fulfilment and joy out of life. I think every human should strive doing what make them happy most. So create the life of your dreams. And by living it, you inspire others to follow their own path. You literally become a shining star on earth. At least that is my ambition.

Be selfish to serve

You might think that when everybody starts doing this, the world would go crazy. With everybody turning into selfish bastards. The contrary is true. The world needs us to be more selfish. In order to serve others. Let me explain. If you do what you love, following your talents, you become the best version of yourself. You feel happy and fulfilled. And from this place of abundance you can naturally serve others. It’s much easier to share freely when you have more than enough to give. The world is screaming for your happiness. Be. Happy. Now!

Balance long versus short term

Finding the balance between long term gain and short term hedonistic pleasure can be a challenge. As you have probably experienced these two can be rather conflicting. Should you eat that (extra) piece of cake? Or does nothing taste as good as skinny feels? It’s about making the choice to go have fun on that party tonight and have a good time. Or study for the exam tomorrow to get your degree. Often the long term gains are much higher than the short term wins.

Be kind to yourself

But don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Be kind and allow an occasionally break, to catch your breath. If you are following the 100.000 dollar idea, you might feel a little tensed. I have been going the extra mile to ensure a 7-day streak on my five task a day list. Often commitments made with yourself are the easiest to break. However keeping them works wonders for your self worth. But this doesn’t mean you should continuously push yourself. Remember to take good care of your goose!


I hope you do what you truly love, Marketing Superhero. The world needs more heroes like you. Let me know if in any way I could help you on your journey.

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