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Develop Yourself withMartijn


Develop Yourself

When was the last time you bought (and read!) a study book after college? When was the last time you went on a course or workshop to learn a new skill? One that you paid for yourself? Personal development is just that: the development of you as a person. So invest time and money to develop yourself into a better you!

Set your goals

In the corporate world, personal development is a hot topic. Development goals are listed – often locked in web based systems – and plans are put in place: getting coaching on the job, learning new tools and techniques through training, workshops and/or courses. All with the sole objective of improving your professional skill set. (So you can add more value to your organisation.)

For your personal life

Why not doing the same for the other aspects in your life? Read a book about Roman culture before your trip to Italy. Learn blind typing – so you can write that novel more easily. Go – as I have done recently – on a workshop Aerial Yoga. Everyday you can learn new things about the world we live in and about yourself. And it is great fun as well!

Get creative

Of course I can’t look insides people’s wallets, but with a little creativity your own personal development plan doesn’t need to cost much. The public library offers you a range of books on every subject imaginable for free. For only a small extra fee, they lend you that Spanish language course on CD for a few weeks. Or why don’t you try out a new sport? Often the first session is a free trial introduction, so you can later on decide if Capoeira is really something for you.


Shop around and see what you can discover. It is really all up to you. So go on; develop yourself!

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