Dare to amaze yourself

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Amaze yourself withMartijn

Dare to amaze yourself

We can all benefit from being a bit more courageous. We all know the real magic happens outside that comfort zone of ours. Once we step out into the world, we so very often find that there are no real dragons, just the ones we imagined in our heads. Fear is an acronym of False Evidence Appearing Real. But of course it still appears to be real at first.

Be honest and open

I believe the first step in becoming more courageous is being honest with ourselves. Admit you are afraid and accept this. Feel the fear then do it anyway. I encourage you to share this with people close to you. By opening up to others you’ll get support, and their views might help you change your own perspective on your fears. Gathering evidence of the contrary or ideas to overcome the obstacles you might see. Whether or not they are false.

Show your insecurities

It is said to be a sign of strength when you show your vulnerability. Being in the process of writing my first book, I am fighting dragons like “who am I to say that?” and “nobody is waiting for this stuff”. Pretty daunting, I must admit. With my book currently being reviewed, I started to feel a little insecure. Or perhaps even a lot. So I have shared these haunting thoughts with people close to me.

Up close and personal

And that is the exact thing to do to amaze yourself. Share what is on your mind. Be honest how things make you feel. By sharing this openly with others, your message can become even more impactful. By allowing yourself to be more open and vulnerable, you become more authentic — because your audience can connect with you on a deeper level. I dare you to amaze yourself!

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