Creative Techniques

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Creative Techniques


Creative Techniques

Creativity is the overarching Marketing Superpower. The one force which binds them all. It is the ability to stretch your thinking and come up with new solutions. When you formulate your problem as a creative challenge — your mind already begins to come up with solutions. Here are some creative techniques to help you get more ideas. You can also use them when you brainstorm with your team.


Think transferable and see which solutions from other industries, brands or countries could help you in your situation. Adopt and adapt. Don’t be afraid to steel a good solution. Just be sure to modify it to your situation. Better use proven strategies and fail on your own. Nature is also a great source of inspiration. Especially in the field of technology, some brilliant ideas have come from mimicking Mother Nature.

Personality Switch

Ask yourself and your team: How would Steve Jobs approach this? Or Sir Richard Branson? Einstein? Or Mother Theresa? Walt Disney? Or any other inspiring person — dead or alive. Place yourself in their shoes and explore your challenge from a totally different angle. Fictional characters from fairy tales work wonders too.

Mind Mapping

For this technique you need a big piece of paper. Although there are also some great computer programmes and free apps for Mind Mapping. I highly recommend using pen and paper. Put your challenge in the middle, and place key words around them — based on free association. Then brainstorm around these topics some more. This is also a great way for getting a visual overview of all the things you’ve got on your mind.

Force Fit

Another great way to get new, creative ideas is to force fit two random things, like words or images. Pick for example two words from your mind map and think about new solutions to your challenge with the use of these two, random stimuli. Our brains love puzzle solving. Use the outcome as stepping stones for finding more options and ideas.


These are just a few techniques which can stimulate your creativity. Use them when you brainstorm with your team. Don’t forget to outline the ground rules for brainstorming at the beginning of your session. If you need more creative help, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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