Constrain your time

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Time contraints withMartijnConstrain your time

Time is an interesting concept, conceived by mankind. It is not something you have or can hold. It is by far something you can manage. If you say: “I don’t have time for that” you are actually stating that you have other priorities set and taking the easy way out by blaming the concept of time. Face it. You and I both have the same number of hours in a day like Einstein and Mother Teresa had.

Choose your priorities

It al comes down to making sure we have our priorities clear and work on them accordingly. I personally don’t believe in work/life balance. In the end there is only life. Your life. Therefore I believe we need to take a broader perspective on our overall To Do list and make sure it reflects all important aspects in our lives. (A brilliant way to do this is the 100.000 idea!)

Focus on that task

A task has the notion to expand to the exact amount of time we dedicate to it. Often even a little bit longer. Because we are not able to concentrate on it with our complete and undivided attention. Focus is something rare, in an age with so many distractions. But if you cut away all distractions and put your mind to it, you can do oh-so much more, Marketing Superhero.

Set a timer

A great way to get massive amounts of things done is to set a clear time constraint for it. Make it a little challenging too. Remember how you could get everything done that day before going away on vacation? Apply that same time pressure principle. Imagine you need to catch that flight at 7 pm. Then work on your tasks with full concentration. Set a timer. And then simply do it. That is the magic spell of focus pocus!

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