It’s all about communication

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It's all about communication

It’s all about communication

When you zoom-out, you’ll see that the majority of organisational problems can be distilled to some  form of communication issue. Either people don’t share what they are working on; as I find many departments tend to work in silo’s. Often oh so much unintentionally. Or people don’t communicate on the same wavelength, so misinterpretations arise and errors occur. It’s worth paying attention to (your) communication.

Build bridges

Communication basically comes down to a messenger sending information to a receiving party. With the receiver responding in some way or form. The quality of this proces depends on the abilities and state of the people on both ends of the line. Be sure to take responsibility for helping landing your own message. If the other person doesn’t get you, you often need to alter your ways. Go even one step further and deliberately build bridges to take down those silo-walls.

Share your elevator pitch

Work on your internal PR and have an elevator pitch ready of multiple lengths. So you can actively share what you/your department is currently working on with people you meet at any occasion. Again ensuring the receiver understands your message clearly. Whether you’re in the actual elevator, during lunch time or at a town hall meeting. Sharing ignites sharing. Why not invite colleagues from other departments to your next teammeeting or workshop?

Always go for multidisciplinary

When setting up a brainstorm session, be sure to invite people from various disciplines. You want to aim for a polymorphic group of individuals, who can work together and can approach your creative challenge from different angels. In many organisations I see there is tons of untapped knowledge. Because there is no room for sharing and bouncing off new ideas. If this is the case for your organisation, it’s your responsibility -as a Marketing Superhero- to start building a podium!


Do you need help creating an atmosphere for freely sharing ideas? Do you want to set-up a multidisciplinary brainstorm to tackle any creative challenge, but don’t know how to start? Be sure to contact me at — I am happy to help you out!

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