Celebrate Your Success

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Celebrate your succes withMartijnCelebrate Your Success

With January almost completed, it is time review how you’re getting on with your goals. I hope you’ve already made some great progress. But don’t underestimate the little achievements you’ve made so far. Check for yourself: how has your situation improved since you’ve set your goals? There’s most often some form of progress you can point out. Focus on that! And be sure to plan some time to celebrate your successes, both the big ones — but also the smaller ones.

See how far you’ve come

With your goals written down in a SMARTER way, you’ve got the tools in hand to monitor how far you’ve already come. You might not yet notice any visible results right now, but that doesn’t have to mean that there is nothing happening. Grass doesn’t grow faster by pulling on it. Also remember to evaluate the process, so you can learn from it and adapt this in your action plans. Don’t beat yourself up for not reaching those milestones, but focus on the things you did accomplish.

Blow your own trumpet

We all need applause and it is great to receive a genuine compliment from others. But most often we are our own greatest critic. Stop listening for a while to that nagging voice inside your head, telling you what you’ve haven’t done yet or should have done differently. Instead blow your own trumpet and see those victories, however small they might seem to you. This way you’ll build your momentum to keep going.

Party ideas, both big and small

Here are some ideas to celebrate your successes, both big and small. Give yourself a short break from achieving your goals. Thank the people that supported you. Treat yourself with something you really really like, like a special coffee or ice-cream, a massage or a walk on the beach. Toast with a nice glass of wine or beer. Go out for dinner or order in so you don’t have to cook. Host a party!


Feel free to adapt these ideas to your own desires, after all it’s your success you’ll be celebrating!

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