Caspian and Customer Service

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Caspian withMartijn

Caspian and Customer Service

At my favourite coffee bar, close to where I live, they serve their coffees into all sorts of mugs and vintage cups. I love to visit them regularly: to think, to read, to write or meet up with inspiring people. The three baristas all know how I like to drink my latte. They’ve even turned serving my drink in a nice ritual. By pouring my latte every time in the same mug. A Narnia cup, which has a picture of Prince Caspian on it. Until last weekend…

Caspian has fallen to pieces

When I came in for my latte, one of the owners said —with a sad face— that ‘my’ cup was broken. They even saved a piece of the broken mug on the counter. Prince Caspian couldn’t be repaired. What struck me most was that they had even searched on eBay to buy an identical vintage mug. This got me thinking on this ritual and the importance of great customer service.

Value your consumer

The day after, I returned again — yes, I visit their place often — and the other owner directly came up to me to tell that the Narnia cup was smashed to pieces. He also mentioned they were trying to buy a new one. Even the third barista felt sorry for me. Which made me realise why I liked to visit this place so much: the fact they care for and value their customers. They really do go the extra mile for them. It’s not about the cup, but the fact they build a genuine relationship with me.

We all need rituals

It also made me realise we all need little rituals. They make you feel good. It gives you a sense of belonging. That the world isn’t such a bad place after all. I believe we are all responsible for designing our own life. And proclaim we need to do more of what makes us happy. Happiness doesn’t exist in the future, it is a state of being in the now. It is a snapshot in time. Just like these snapshots I took enjoying my latte. It’s time for me to let go of Caspian and create room for new rituals…


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