Burst that bubble and look beyond

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We live in a bubble withMartijn

Burst that bubble and look beyond

Face it — we all live in our own little bubble. In general we tend to interact with the same sort of people like ourselves. Whether it’s your colleagues at work —who often share the same educational background— or the friends you see in our leisure time. People tend to seek out likeminded people. Which is a perfectly natural, human tendency. As the saying goes: birds of a feather flock together.

But there are more flavours out there

Although your own little bubble might feel very comfortable, it might limit your views on this world. There really are more flavours out there. And it can be very fulfilling to try-out some of them. To get a better understanding of your own tastes and preferences. But most importantly, expand your horizon with the views and opinions of others. This will give you more perspective on the world.

Be sure to burst that bubble…

Break out of the stereotype of your normal routine. Actively experiment with new things. Do your groceries at a different supermarket. Go see a foreign movie instead of that blockbuster film. Meet new people —for example by applying as a volunteer in your local community— who at first sight you would not immediately consider part of your inner crowd.

…and keep your mind open!

It is interesting to learn new viewpoints. Searching beyond your own truth. Learning different perspectives on the world we all live in. Have a genuine interest in the people around you and you will be surprised what you’ll learn. Everybody has a story to share. You might be amazed what you’ll discover. This will enrich your life and expand your bubble.

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