7 ways to recolour your Blue Monday

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7 ways to recolour your Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year which would fall on the Monday of the last full week of January. This is based on an equation developed by Dr Cliff Arnell that takes various factors into account: weather conditions, time since Christmas, time since failing new year’s resolutions and low motivational levels.


I must admit that today’s weather is pretty grey and gloomy here in Holland. But I believe you can (re)set the mood of any day. Below are 7 ways to turn your Monday’s from Blue into any colour you desire.

1. Plan ahead

Preparation always pays off. It get’s you in the right mindset. It makes the job easier, because it saves you time. It gives you a feeling of mastery – ensuring that you are on a roll. It can make you more efficient and effective. And helps you to overcome many barriers in advance, preventing the need to improvise.

2. Let it go

We can’t plan everything in life. Some things are simply out of your control. Don’t bother trying to change the weather. Instead of worrying about the rain, bring an umbrella so you won’t get wet. Accepting that somethings sometimes “just are” is a great way of letting go – so they don’t affect your mood.

3. Reframe

Try to see the silver lining in every situation. Reframe your obstacles into challenges. It gives you energy and motivation to start tackling your problems when you formulate them as inspiring questions. “How can I get more done?” will get you more useful ideas then stating “I am too busy!”

4. Connect

Get in touch with those people who are special in your life. Drink coffee with that fun colleague who makes you laugh. Call your friend who always cheers you up. Play with your children and see the smile on their faces. Tell your parents you love them. We humans are social creatures. Connecting with others has an instant effect on our own mood.

5. Treat yourself

Spoil yourself a little (or a lot!). Give yourself a nice reward for doing that difficult task. Buy a magazine you like or a nice Latte. Go out for lunch. Take a little break: allow yourself to play a videogame or listen to your favourite song before you move on.

6. Get up and move

Go out for a walk. Hit the gym. Stand up and do a little dance. Moving your body has an instant effect on your mood. It brings the heart rate up and requires you to breath more deeply. And it is fun to do. It helps clear your mind and lowers stress levels at the same time.

7. Catch some zzz’s

Getting enough sleep is of vital importance on the way you feel. Sleep restores our emotional state of mind and gives a boost to your immune system. Experts advice us to get 8 hours sleep at night. During the day a quick nap can help you recharge your battery and make you sharp again.


I hope this tips will inspire you to find more ways to improve your day. If you like more inspiration, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter. You will receive a free ebook “How to become a Marketing Superhero!”.

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