5 Ways to get out of your comfort zone

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5 Ways to get out of your comfort zone

Staying inside your comfort zone feels pleasant. That’s why it is called that way: the zone in which you feel comfortable. All seems clear, all seems under control. But deep down you know this is just an illusion. And you also know that “out there” is where the magic happens. So how can you stretch yourself comfortably? Here are 5 ways to get your thinking started:

1. Do little things differently

Change your breakfast routine. Order tea instead of coffee. Try a different flavour ice-cream, to tickle your taste buds. Pick up a magazine you have never read before. Watch a different TV-channel. There are many little things you can do for a change. It will give new inspiration and helps to build up momentum for bigger things to come.

2. Wander about

Take a different route to work. Enjoy an afternoon walking through your own city. Be a tourist in your own town. Amaze yourself by the architecture of the buildings surrounding you. You will be surprised what you might see. Perhaps you will discover a new coffee place or cool shop to visit. Sometimes we are blinded by the patterns in our life.

3. Talk to people

Open your mouth – kindly – to people you have never met before. Speak to the person next to you waiting for the train. Smile to the passenger next to you on the bus. Start a conversation with the person behind the cash-register. Everybody got a story to tell. Who know what you might hear.

4. Say “Yes” more often

Especially when you are a person that tends to hold things off, say yes more often. Force yourself to be more spontaneous. Go on that adventure. Allow yourself to have fun. Accept that invitation to that party where you don’t know anybody else. Go see that foreign movie your friend wants to see. You might even enjoy it. At least you will discover new things about yourself.

 5. What is the worst that can happen?

Imagine what would be the absolute worst that could happen when stepping out of your comfort zone. How realistic is this fear? Do you think it will actually come about? And if so – is it really that bad? Either you win or you learn. There are only positive outcomes in the end.


What are your suggestions for stepping out of your comfort zone? Please leave a comment below.

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